We are a speech technology company building machine learning technology that enables us to generate credible speech that is indistinguishable from real human voices, from text. Our technology is not based on copying existing voices through deepfakes, but on the generation of completely new, not yet existing, human sounding voices.

We distinguish ourselves from other providers of this type of service by giving the speech intent and emotion. With this we can, for example, give advertisements or audio books the same credibility as real recorded speech.


Barnier Geerling


I’m a voice-over artist and sound engineer. I own a recording studio and am founder of the largest Dutch educational institute for voice-overs, Stemacteren.nl. As a ‘nerd’ and technician I have a broad knowledge of the exploitation of voice and audio technology in new applications.

I’m captivated by questions like “How can humans and technology strengthen, augment and improve each other?” and “Will computers ever be able to think, feel, and act just like us?” I enjoy composing music and making pastries in my spare time.

Joost Broekens


I am Associate Professor Affective Computing at Leiden University, and used to be CTO of Interactive Robotics B.V. I am fascinated by emotion and intelligence, and study this using AI and robots. I love surfing and travelling with my campervan together with my family.

Johan Talsma


Starting working with Deloitte I graduated as a Certified Public Accountant soon after. I succesfully started my own accounting & auditing firm, focussing on SME’s. I gained extensive experience in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax, finance and valuation, besides from being an entrepreneur.

Stephen Sinclair

Head of R&D

After studying computer science and a PhD in music technology with a focus on audio-haptics, I have worked in areas from robotics to autonomous driving, always with an eye towards applying the latest trends in data analysis and machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, climbing, cooking and brewing, with a good dose of creative coding now and then.

Jorge Bustos

Deep Learning Engineer

I am specialized in Digital Signal Processing and Deep Learning. Music lover and amateur music producer (professional according to my family). I love to philosophize about AI concepts in an absurd way.

Gido Limperg

Deep Learning Engineer

I’m a Deep Learning Engineer with a broad interest in all areas of AI. I enjoy cycling, bouldering, music, videogames, complaining about the weather, drinking tea, and eating broodjes met kaas.

Laurens Brantsen

Sound Engineer

I have always been captivated by sound, whether it is music, speech or just noise. I have been working as an audio engineer in both music productions and broadcasting. Although sound is my “thing”, I also like a quiet yoga session, good coffee, working/playing on (silent) computers, or riding my (not so silent) motorcycle.

Murad Bozik

AI Engineer

I am an inquisitive deep learning researcher who enjoys handling tough problems. I like sailing and weight lifting. I appreciate an exquisite taste of coffee in the morning.



DAISYS.ai is is excited to announce the release of a new video demonstrating the capabilities of our latest technology.

In this video, we have linked OpenAI’s Chat GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) with our state-of-the-art speech technology to create a highly convincing (non-existing) human-sounding voice. This voice is narrating a love letter to a human, showcasing the impressive level of emotion and authenticity that our technology is able to achieve.

We invite you to watch the video and experience the incredible potential of our technology for yourself.

This ground breaking achievement is a testament to the power of DAISYS.ai’s technology and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence. Our team is constantly working to improve and refine our technology, and we are confident that this latest advancement will have wide-ranging implications for a variety of industries. We are on the brink of releasing our commercial available first product (Voice as a Service).

In addition to the release of this exciting new video, DAISYS.ai is thrilled to announce that it is now possible to invest in our company using the Eyevestor Platform.

Interested parties can purchase certificates of shares in DAISYS and be a part of our journey as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence.

As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, we are confident that our technology and innovative solutions will continue to drive growth and success for our company.

We believe that our cutting-edge technology, combined with our talented team and strong track record of success, make us an attractive investment opportunity.


Dutch AI start-up creates breakthrough in voice technology
‘New voices that sound like real people’

Worldwide breakthrough
‘This is a huge breakthrough. Up until now, naturally sounding voices were always deepfake, based on audio data of professional speakers. But deepfakes in text-to-speech for many reasons aren’t usable. One of those reasons is that not everyone wishes to lend out their voice without having control about what is being said with it. With this technology, as the first company in the world, we are able to create new voices that sound like real people,’ Barnier Geerling, CEO of DAISYS explains. ‘In addition,’ Geerling says, ‘this technology makes it easier and faster to apply speech-steered technology. The market potential is enormous, think of audio-visual media using voice-overs, or ‘talking’ cars, robots, or appliances. For manufacturers this means the possibility to integrate realistic speech in their products becomes much easier and more efficient.’

Artificial Intelligence
During the past year and a half, the start-up from Leiden has worked on its technology with a small international team of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers. ‘We’ve made several important adjustments to the existing basic technology. In addition, we had to cleverly ‘train’ our models, using the right balance of speech data from different speakers. Because of this we’ve managed to generate new, naturally sounding voices that can be real-time adjusted by means of gender, pitch, power and speed.’ Dr.ir Joost Broekens, Chief Technology Officer at DAISYS, explains.

Voice technology; ever more important
The new voice technology is suitable for all online and offline surroundings where the human voice is used, like traditional media, smart devices, games, robots, speech assistants and public announcement systems. Geerling: ‘Credible voice technology is becoming ever more important. Nowadays, everything has a voice: your phone, your car, even your coffee machine. Imagine being able to adjust that voice to your preference. That future is now within reach.’

Audio Samples

Listen to an example of our generative voices here. For this sample we just typed in text. No deepfakes were hurt in the making of this.

Audio sample : Daisy’s Love Letter (ChatGPT & DAISYS novel voices)

Contact us via: talktome@daisys.ai


We are always looking for talented people to further develop our technology together. We currently have vacancies for the position(s) of:

• Deep Learning Engineer
• Cloud Engineer
• Linguistic Expert

Do you think DAISYS is the place where you can contribute with your knowledge? Feel free to send us your CV. Please note: we will only contact you if we are interested in talking to you.